Selecting the right Frame for your Artwork & Prints

Selecting the right Frame for your Artwork & Prints

Artwork is an expression. However, without the proper frame, you may not be able to fully appreciate it. 

Regardless of whether you're displaying an original painting, limited edition art prints, or more affordable art prints, the choice of frame plays a pivotal role in presenting the piece. In the following article, we will delve into some insightful tips to guide you in the process of selecting the perfect frame for your artwork:

1. Frame Style

The first step in this journey involves assessing the style that most harmoniously aligns with the piece and the environment it will inhabit. For a classic piece being placed in a traditional space, you might find an ornate frame to be more fitting, whilst a minimalist piece in a contemporary home might demand a more subdued frame. Bringing a piece to life very much depends on its expression in context.

2. Frame Colour

The colour of the frame holds considerable significance as well. Ideally, the frame's colour should complement the colours found in the artwork. Should the piece feature bold and vibrant shades, a frame in neutral tones such as white, black, or silver could be appropriate. Alternatively, if the artwork is more muted, you may opt for a frame with more neutral tones like beige or brown. We are looking to complement, not overpower the piece.

3. Frame Material

When looking for a frame, deciding on the material comes down to two things: pricing and aesthetics. You have a range of materials at your disposal, including wood, metal and plastic. Wooden frames, which are the most common, bring a warmth and texture to the artwork. Metal frames on the other hand, offer a more contemporary appeal, and pair well with a modern piece. Lastly, you have plastic, which is typically seen as a more budget-friendly alternative. This however, might mean it doesn’t have the same durability of the other materials.

4. Frame Preservation

Last but not least, it is always important to factor in preservation techniques when framing a piece. Should the piece be exposed to a lot of light for instance, you might want to think about something like conservation framing, which uses acid-free matting and UV-protective glass to safeguard the artwork from fading and deterioration. Whilst this might add in cost, this long-term mindset will mean you are able to enjoy the piece for years to come.

Selecting the perfect frame for your artwork represents a pivotal step in presenting it in the most favourable light. The interplay of style, colour, material, quality, and preservation techniques is pivotal in your frame selection, ensuring that your artwork realises its full potential when on display. By adhering to these guidelines, you can choose a frame that not only complements your artwork but also safeguards it for years to come.

- Sidedish Projects

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