Sidedish Projects sells high-quality prints by distinguished multidisciplinary designers. Aimed at a contemporary audience, Sidedish bridges the world of art, design, and storytelling.

  • Our Mission

    We work with creatives in the avant-garde that span a range of disciplines. For our collaborators who might typically work in photography, fashion, graphics, or industrial design, the collaboration with Sidedish encourages them to explore a 2D print medium.

    Sidedish is all about making high-quality art more accessible but it's also committed to sharing the stories that surround those pieces. Just like a Sidedish compliments a main course, we truly believe that art can become that much more engaging when you know the stories around it.

  • Edition & Prints

    Each collaborator we work with is unique and so is their contribution to Sidedish. We are fortunate enough to work with one of the leading printing facilities in The Netherlands. So when it comes to our prints there's no one formula for the way we print, the type of paper we use or the size they come in. We look for whatever combination best expresses the piece, to make sure we're creating a true piece of art. Working in close coordination with the designer, this process is as much a part of the work as the design itself. 

    Our bread and butter are open-edition prints, this means they're unlimited in how many we produce. We do this to be able to meet an accessible price point. That said, limited editions are on their way, and will soon be a staple in our offering as well.

  • Founders

    Sidedish Projects was founded by brothers Oliver and Jasper Baijings who returned to their hometown of Amsterdam after living and working in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    During their previous roles at New York-based textile firm Maharam, the brothers found their passion for storytelling and an appreciation of contemporary design. As they moved back to The Netherlands and began decorating their home, they struggled to find a design-focused platform that offered affordable artwork.

    That's where the idea was born. Sidedish needed to be a space where individuals didn't scroll through pages upon pages of prints, but instead, were exposed to a curated collection from a range of multidisciplinary designers. Lastly, Sidedish wants people to understand the stories behind what they're buying, rather than just being another piece on the wall.