John Baldessari, Rising from the Ashes

John Baldessari, Rising from the Ashes

John Baldessari was a towering figure in conceptual art - literally and figuratively speaking. His work was shown in more than 200 solo exhibitions and 1,000 group shows. He was also 6ft 7 inches.

Baldessari started his career as a semi-abstract painter. But in 1970, he decided to re-route his artistic course and took two decades worth of art to a crematorium in San Diego. He burnt it all.

But, just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the period that followed showed the world a new Baldessari. He began to explore a range of mediums from photography and film to sculpture and installations, all with a droll and ironic sense of humour.

He promised us ‘I will not make anymore boring art’ and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

- Sidedish Projects

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