Lex Pott

  • Lex Pott is a Dutch designer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Following a similar path to his parents, Lex joined the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven where he graduated Cum Laude. Early in his career, Lex assisted the likes of Hella Jongerius and Scholten & Baijings before committing fully to his namesake studio in 2009.

  • Lex strips his work back to uncover not only the boundaries between art and design but also function, story, object and imagination. As a result, his designs, which span from innovative furniture and home essentials to distinct art pieces, each demonstrate his talent for intertwining the tangible with the intangible, the physical form with the narrative spirit. By reducing materials to their essence, Pott invites the user to see past form alone and appreciate the broader context and structure of the piece.

  • Lex showing us how he created the panels that make up his ‘Faux Wood’ series

  • His esteemed design career aside, visiting Lex in his Rotterdam studio is like visiting a kid in a candy shop. It’s like you’re walking into a living museum filled with prototypes, colours and wonderful stories - something Sidedish can’t get enough of.

  • Check out Lex’s Faux Wood Series below or keep up with his latest via his website or Instagram!