Nynke Tynagel

  • After following in her parents footsteps and graduating from the Eindhoven Design Academy, Nynke became joint-owner of the world renowned Studio Job, where she created their distinct and recognizable graphic work for over 20 years. Nynke is now an autonomous artist operating under her own moniker.

  • Nynke transforms bold, expressive, and iconographic imagery into a distinct pattern language, creating a vibrant dance of art and design. Irony, satire and dark humour are tools Nynke frequently uses to comment on current attitudes and broader social topics.

  • She's also been exhibited and collected by numerous museums including the MOMA, Museum Voorlinden, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Centraal Museum, TextielMuseum and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

    For Sidedish, one of the best parts about announcing Nynke as a collaborator is that despite her internationally acclaimed success and decades-long career, we couldn't have had a more pleasant conversation when we first pitched this seedling idea. I think we can all agree that her willingness to collaborate and share her thoughts in the design space only makes her designs that much more beautiful.