Studio Wieki Somers

Founded by Wieki Somers and Dylan van den Berg in 2003, Studio Wieki Somers has garnered international acclaim for its distinctive approach to design that melds functionality with conceptual depth. Both graduates of the distinguished Design Academy Eindhoven, their educational background played a significant role in shaping their design philosophy and approach, which emphasises and explores the narratives and histories found within everyday objects, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

  • Wieki calls the work they do ‘a continuous journey’ in which ‘they never know the end destination’. Guided by a strong sense of curiosity, the studio likes to challenge the seemingly ‘normal’. The excitement she explains, is in the serendipitous arrival at their outcome.

    Studio Wieki Somers are not bound to a particular style. Their design signature isn't as obvious as a particular colour or pattern but rather it's in their sensitivity to materials, technological ingenuity, and fantasy, that distinguish a Studio Wieki Somers work from the rest. It's these 'red threads' that we see recurring in their gallery, public installation, and industry projects.

  • The iconic ‘High Tea Pot’ (above) and the ‘Frozen in Time’ series (below) demonstrate their craft in rethinking and reinterpreting the seemingly everyday.